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Emotive Learning Platform

What is the Emotive Learning Platform?

What is Emotive Learning
A company that designs and creates custom software for neurodivergent teens and adults to identify, understand and regulate emotions

"..emotional processes are required for the skills and knowledge acquired in school to transfer to novel situations and to real life."  (Immordino-Yang and Damasio, 2007)


Neurodiversity recognizes that not all brains think or feel the same way. A neurodivergent individual has a less typical cognitive variation, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, among other conditions. Because neurodivergent individuals don't generally conform to societal expectations, have different styles of communication, and different experiences, these individuals are at a greater risk of experiencing stress and trauma from the people they interact with in a daily basis. Often this trauma is a result of others not understanding, accepting and acknowledging the feelings and needs of neurodivergent individuals, and also misinterpreting the intent of the behavior and actions of neurodivergent individuals. 

Emotive Computing, LLC creates custom software, games, and learning content to help neurodivergent learners identify and communicate their emotions and preferences to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. Schools and workplaces can also leverage this content to create a focused, collaborative learning environment that supports neurodiversity:

  • Improve the learner's self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation

  • Improve the learner’s focus and attention

  • Enable and support cognitive flexibility

  • Recognize and learn how to set boundaries

  • Provide safe opportunities to learn and apply social-emotional skills

  • Provide practical accommodations


If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the contact form.


  • Government Agencies

  • IT Companies

  • Universities

  • High School Career Preparation Programs

Contact: Erika M. Olimpiew, Ph.D (She/Hers/Her)
Address: 205 Van Buren Ct, Suite 120
                Herndon, VA, 20170
Phone:    571-528-0269 

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