Emotive Learning Platform

What is the Emotive Learning Platform?

A company that designs and provides emotional supports for neurodiverse adults to identify, understand and regulate emotions

 "..emotional processes are required for the skills and knowledge acquired in school to transfer to novel situations and to real life."  (Immordino-Yang and Damasio, 2007)


Neurodiversity refers to differences in brain functioning that impact learning, communication, and emotional character, such as autism and ADHD.


Emotive Computing, LLC creates custom software and interactive video content for mobile and wearable devices to help neurodivergent IT workers, their teammates and managers identify emotions and use this information to make better decisions in real-world work scenarios.  Agencies can leverage this content to empower their IT workforce, reduce attrition rates, prevent burnout, and create a focused, collaborative work environment that supports neurodiversity:

  • Improve worker’s and student's self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation

  • Improve worker’s and student's focus and attention

  • Enable and support cognitive flexibility

  • Provide safe opportunities to learn and apply social-emotional skills


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  • Government Agencies

  • IT Companies

  • Universities

  • High School Career Preparation Programs

Contact: Erika M. Olimpiew, Founder
Email:     erika.olimpiew@emotiveplatform.com
Address: 205 Van Buren Ct, Suite 120
                Herndon, VA, 20170
Phone:    571-528-0269 

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