Emotive Learning Platform

What is the Emotive Learning Platform?

A company that designs and provides emotional supports for autistic adults to identify, understand and regulate emotions during real world activities.

 "..emotional processes are required for the skills and knowledge acquired in school to transfer to novel situations and to real life."  (Immordino-Yang and Damasio, 2007)  

An estimated 50,000 autistic young adults age out of school based autism services each year in the USA. Of these, almost half never had a paid job (Roux et al, 2014). Some of these autistic young adults go through life struggling to make sense of theirs and others' emotions. Although autistic young adults are capable of feeling and may have a general sense of emotional tone, they may lack skills and strategies to identify and differentiate their own emotions (interoception or interoceptive awareness) and to understand the emotional and social cues of other people. This can impact the young adult's ability to problem solve and adapt when doing real-world activities such as initiating and maintaining relationships, working at a job, attending social functions, and attending a university, among other activities. Over time, this can lead to isolation of the young adult from society, magnifying feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Emotive Computing, LLC creates emotional support tools to help autistic adults to identify, understand and regulate emotions during real-world activities, in order to improve decision making and learning outcomes. Emotive Computing, LLC also provides ideas and opportunities for autistic adults to practice using these tools in real-world activities such as going out to eat, shopping, and attending class, among other activities. 

Short training videos and related lesson plans​ are available on the Download Lesson Plans and View Instructional Videos page of this website. The My Emotions App helps with emotion identification in real-world activities. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications of new video postings, and follow me on Facebook to see posts about these workshops and noteworthy news related to autism. 


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