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It has been some time since I have posted here, since I have been using different social media sources to write some of the content. Lately I have been following some really interesting thought leaders on LinkedIn who write about the subject of supporting neurodiversity in the workplace, such as Ludmila Praslova, Jaime A. Heidel, and Bernard Grant. I really enjoy reading their thoughtful articles and insights into what it really means for an organization to support a neurodiverse worker, and how neurodiverse workers are often misunderstood and basically treated badly.

I am also spending some time rethinking my approach to "help autistics identify emotions" when it is really the institutions and organizations that need to change in how they provide supports for neurodiverse workers. So, while apps can help with self-empowerment it is not sufficient to just build apps. The organizational cultures at schools and at workplaces need to change to be more accepting of neurodivergent individuals. Rigid organizational processes and rules, ignorant and judgmental people are the real barriers to accepting and including neurodivergent workers and learners.

So, while I am still going to be creating apps and games, I need to look at this problem from an organizational perspective as well.

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